An Easier Way To Send Money Across Borders: Fast & Secure

Until now, sending money across borders to your family, friends, business associate or just anybody has never been this easy and fast. You don’t have to visit your bank anymore. In just a few clicks, you can get that done from the comfort of your room, from anywhere, and at a fraction of a cost.

About Cash Money Exchange

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How To Get Started?

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Transfer Money?

In just a few clicks,
create an account
and transfer money
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Receive Money

Introduce Cash Money
Exchange to your family,
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Why Choose Us?

Global Reach

Currently fulfilling transfer orders to over 150 countries and constantly updating our list of supported countries. With us, initiate both local and cross-border transfer orders in supported currencies and in real-time.

Safe & Secure

We understand what keeping your money safe means to you. With our cutting-edge technology, rest assured that your money will always arrive every time you use us.


Get your transfer orders fulfilled in real-time. Our transfers are processed in 1-3 business days with most of our orders fulfilled in minutes.

Money-Back Guarantee

Need a money-back guarantee? Not that you'll need one! We guarantee that your money will always arrive safely or we'll give you a refund.

Low Transfer Fee

Know the transfer fee upfront. At a fraction of a cost – 1%-2% of your money order depending on your jurisdiction – we'll get your transfer orders fulfilled.

Dedicated Support

Need to reach out to us? We're always available to handle all of your requests in real-time.

☑️ Transfer Money Into A Destination Bank Account
☑️ Transfer Money For Cash Pick up In A Local Bank

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It Was Great Experience

Amazing support team. They were quick in attending to my inquiries.